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Funexpected Math
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Funexpected Math follows kids' curiosity, inspiring them to ask questions and find answers. The program adapts to each child and challenges them at their own level.
We help every child excel in math, and all it takes is just 10 minutes a day.
Fall in love
with problem
Grow through
experiment and practice
Become a math
master in school
and beyond
Fun games inspire kids to experiment with math concepts
Interactive skill practice allows to gain fluency in an engaging format
Funexpected works with scientists from world leading unversities to build an effective program that covers Numeracy, Logic, Spatial Skills, Problem Solving, Algorithms and more.
Comprehensive curriculum
Digital tutor asks oral questions, gives hints and encourages children along their learning journey
Explore tasks by age
Mark all birds wearing red hats
I removed the green cubes. Which shape is left?
What is the toy's height in cubes?
How many cubes were removed?
I folded the paper in half then made a cut. What's left?
Complete the row.
Which bird is the heaviest?
Some of the numbers are written in Hindi. Guess how to write 4 in Hindi.
Find the correct model for each garland.
Fill in the gaps to finish the tower construction manual. Drag the answers.
Which sets will be the same if I remove the pine cones?
How many blue bricks do I need to fill the next layer?
What will happen if I unfold the paper?
Which tool should be added to each set to make them the same?
Find the 2 pictures with the same total score.
Mom took all the socks off the washing line. What's left?
What does the baby chick see?
How many candies are in the green box if similar boxes have an equal number of candies?
Loved by parents & teachers
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Eric Wilson, Academy at the Lakes, Florida
For years, we have struggled to find an app that provides a positive and engaging math learning experience without being too much of a game or nothing more than a digital worksheet. Funexpected has hit the mark. The kids love to play Funexpected often asking if they can play during free time
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Patrik Asterwill, United States
Don't know why this game hasn't had more exposure, brilliant game. Whenever I find my boys aged 5 and 6 giggling and tutoring each other over their iPads, it's usually because of this game.
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Iowa School Librarian Leader, United States
As most educators, I'm always searching for quality programs to share with my students - and I just found Funexpected Math. I love it and wanted you to know I'm sharing it with my families and all the districts I consult with around the country. Thank you!
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Dor Abrahamson, University of California, Berkeley
This educational application draws on cutting-edge learning theory from the cognitive sciences to produce an engaging activity leading to deep learning of difficult mathematical concepts
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Violetta, parent
This is the most beautiful learning math app I have come across so far for my kids! It engages them with the world of mathematics in an innovative, intuitive and imaginative way. Try it out and see yourself 🥰
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