We are hiring!

We're looking for an experienced game developer to join our team

What we are looking for:
— Strong knowledge of C/C++ and OpenGL
— Vector math, algorithms and data structures

Anything from the below list will be a real plus:
— Experience using Godot Engine
— Knowledge of any dynamic language (ideally Python)
— Experience with Open Source projects
— Experience with mobile platforms
— Experience with production pipeline organization (ci, cd, tools integration)
— Experience with Spine (or any other 2D skeleton-based animation tool)
— Experience with integration of analytics tools, FB, firebase, notifications, payments, bug/crash report tools, etc.

What you will do:
— You are going to work with our iOS app. Implement game logic, add new features, maintain existing ones. You know, development.
— Expand current engine functionality, develop new tools
— Fix bugs and create new ones
— Integrate with variety of external tools (analytics, marketing , etc)
— Write docs/guides for designers, artists and further generations
— Contribute to open source community
— Learn and think a lot!