Christmas Math Challenge for your classroom
A fun and engaging math quest
for kids aged 3 to 7
Count down the days until Santa's arrival with lots of fun and a bit of learning
Hand out additional letters for kids to decrypt at home the final message from Santa
Get 10 letters from Santa with creative math tasks
Solve math tasks together in class and follow the exciting festive story.
Color in the answers to each task on your spectacular Christmas Tree.

What's inside
The DIY kit is as simple as can be:
  • 4 pages .pdf — printable poster with Christmas Tree
  • 16 pages .pdf — printable envelopes with math activities
  • 1 page .pdf — printable encrypted letter from Santa

All you need are:
  • White stock paper
  • Glue or tape or stapler
  • Coloured pencils or felt-tip pens

Simply download and print then get creative with your kids!

How it works
Craft the calendar
Download the Math Mastery Advent Calendar kit, print it out, glue together the Christmas Tree pages and fold the letters.
Follow the quest
Solve the fun and engaging math tasks found in each letter and follow every step of the exciting festive story.
Color the X-mas Tree
Color in the answers to each task on your spectacular Christmas Tree.
Step-by-step guide
Step 1. Print out
Download the free printables and print them out on white stock paper.
Step 2. Tape together
Tape together the four pages featuring a Christmas Tree to create a large poster.
Step 3. Fold letters
Fold the letters. In each letter you'll find a small part of Christmas story and a task to complete.
Step 4. Color X-Mas Tree
Colour your answers on the Christmas tree.
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