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A guide to adventures for kids
Funexpected's year-long course turns learning into a fabulous journey through space and time. Each task solved by your kid lights up constellations, star clusters and entire galaxies.
Super-diverse tasks

Magical tutor

Continuing storyline

New star missions every week

A helping hand for caring parents
Funexpected is a well-designed program for the year that makes math enchanting for children without immersing them in endless numbers. It's your kid's screen time that you'll never regret.
Interval learning approach

Advanced reports
for parents
Neuroscience-based program

Auto-adaptive difficulty
Our approach to education
We believe that nobody is incapable of math mastery. Any child can assimilate math thinking as well as basic literacy. To achieve this, we use a reversed education process in which experimenting comes before theory. We value kids' mistakes and questions as much as the right answers, because it takes both for kids to acquire the correct thinking.
Math is a language, not just a bunch of numbers
Funexpected teaches math the same way that you would teach a kid a new language: immersing children in a certain environment, focusing on successes instead of mistakes, and helping them to express themselves.
Tailored experience for each child
A child learns best in their own zone of proximal development. Some kids defocus when tasks are too easy, some when tasks are too hard, and some when tasks are too repetitive (or non-repetitive). That's why we stick to the concept of an individual learning curve. It's our way to make sure studying is always efficient and children are always interested in proceeding.

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Use Funexpected Math to study at home, at school, and everywhere!
Give children quick practical work in class, let each child progress at their own pace, and get comprehensive reports.
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We design our games with scientists from the world's top universities. And we're always searching for new science partners

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Start your journey to the beautiful world of math
Start your journey to the beautiful world of math
Start your journey to the beautiful world of math