Graphs • Logic
Find the same garland
About the task
The child needs to find a garland that matches the given one. All bulbs and wires should match, as should the colors of the bulbs. The garland may lie in a different position on the plane, just as any usual physical garland can look on the floor. However, the child cannot "cut" the wires or "add new ones". Speaking mathematically, a garland is a graph in which the bulbs are the nodes (or vertices) and the wires are the edges. Usually, children only meet graphs in a course on discrete mathematics, however they are quickly familiar and accessible.

Level "Novice": garlands with up to 4 bulbs
Level "Pilot": garlands with up to 5 bulbs
Level "Racer": garlands with up to 8 bulbs
Themes covered
— Graphs
— Topology